Getting Started

All OptimalResume APIs require authentication before you can start making calls. We use OAuth 2.0 to provide authorized access to our APIs. OAuth 2.0 is an authentication framework used worldwide; The OAuth 2.0 framework enables a third-party application to obtain limited and secure access to protected resources without requirement to pass user credentials.

To start making API requests, follow these steps.
Create a Developer Account
To make calls you must have an OptimalResume developer account.
Create developer account
Create an App
To register an OptimalResume app you must first Login into your developer account and the click the Create App link that can be found on My Apps page. When registering a new app you must enter a redirect URI to be used for redirecting users after they authorize (or deny) your application. The service will only redirect users to a registered URI beginning with "https". This prevents tokens from being intercepted during the authorization process.
Each time you create an app you will be issued a set of credentials (client_id, client_secret) that you can use to authenticate your API calls using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. The client ID is considered public information, and is used to build login URLs, or included in Javascript source code on a page. The client secret must be kept confidential. If a deployed app cannot keep the secret confidential, such as Javascript or native apps, then the secret should not be used.
Get an Access Token
All of our APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authentication. To make API requests you will need a valid access token. An access token is string that identifies a user or app and can be used by the app to make secure api calls. The token includes information about when the token will expire and which app generated the token. If you get a 403 Forbidden response when accessing an API endpoint it is most probably because your access token has expired and it is time to generate a new one. The access token is valid for the number of seconds specified in the expires_in response value.
Access tokens are obtained via a number of methods, each of which are covered on the authentication documentation page.

See the authentication documentation
Make an API call
Once you have a valid access token, you're ready to make API requests. The access token can be included in the header of your requests with the following syntax:

Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}

Sample request to get a filtered collection of questions

curl -X GET "https:/" \
-H "Content-Type:application/json" \
-H "Accept: application/json;" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer 802ffc14187bd38f1fc606583a7b97b61b2bb05d"

Not registered yet? Create a developer account.